The DAD Software Platform

Design Co-ordination and Drawing Production. Like never before.

Frustrated by all the administration of design management? Would your project be more successful if there was more time to work on the actual design rather than the administration of it? Studies show that 20% of the total time and resource of the design team is spent on administering the design process. That’s 1 day a week, 4 days a month, 2.5 months a year spent on non-value add administration. With DAD, you’ll reduce this time and resource by 80%.

DAD is the smarter way of managing one of the construction industry’s most fundamental workflows:

Design co-ordination and drawing production.

Project Kick Off

  • Get the whole team up and running faster than ever before. Feed the key project information into DAD’s simple setup wizard and you’ll have a detailed Drawing List that the whole team will trust from day 1through till completion. No need for manual data entry. Ever. It’s fully automatic and lightning fast. 500 drawings or 150,000. DAD can handle it.
  • Be instantly productive. DAD automatically sets up the local workspace and model files for each organisation in the design team so that you can all begin working immediately.

Co-ordination & Synchronisation

  • Keep the whole team on the same page. Where ever they are in the world.
  • With DAD’s cloud syncing of model files, keeping the team co-ordinated is easy.
  • It’s the best of both worlds. Access and work on models locally, with continuous synchronisation to the cloud for streamlined  collaboration
  • The right information. At your finger tips.

Lightning fast Drawing Production

  • Producing thousands of drawings has never been easier.
  • DAD’s web based platform fully automates key drawing production processes which completely frees the team to focus all their energy on “real” design work, rather than losing vast amounts of time manually converting models into drawings.
  • With the click of a button, DAD converts the latest model information into drawings and automatically creates and populates the titleblock with all of the correct metadata.
  • What would normally take an entire team weeks to do, DAD does in hours.

Result: DAD allows design teams to achieve productivity and quality levels otherwise unattainable using conventional methods.