The Problem

 Manual Admin. And lots of it.

  • Several million people in the global construction industry spend significant amount of time on data entry and basic data manipulation that can be done by computers.
  • Design teams lose huge amounts of time to the inefficiencies of how CAD/BIM models are co-ordinated and converted into drawings and then uploaded into Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).
  • On large projects the sheer number of drawings and shop drawings creates a huge and overwhelming administrative overhead.
  • Repetitive and manual tasks kill productivity, tie up valuable resources and usually result in errors and poor quality documentation.

Projects are Complex

  • Timeframes are tight and learning curves are steep.
  • Contracts are tough and margins are thin.
  • Different time zones. Different working weeks.
  • Inter-organizational friction.
  • Ever changing project requirements.

Technology gap

  • Currently there’s no “single source of truth” for drawing data. Drawing data needs its own home.
  • A lack of structure and standardisation in approach to design administration results in industry wide inefficiency.
  • A new category of technology is required. A project platform that bridges the technology gap between the CAD/BIM environment and the EDMS/Collaboration environment.

Data Integrity. Garbage in Garbage Out

  • Drawing data is fragmented into disconnected information silos (drawing lists, title blocks, EDMS registers). Design teams struggle to keep data consistent.
  • Manual methods for creating drawing-list and title-block data, dominate the industry and result in poor data integrity.
  • EDMS systems cannot compensate for data integrity deficiencies of the documents uploaded.
  • In other words, it doesn’t matter how good the EDMS is, there’s no escaping the “garbage in, garbage out” principal.