Building Information Modelling

Here’s how DAD enables better BIM

BIM is undoubtedly the future of our industry. However despite its rise, Drawings and Shop Drawings remain essential deliverables of the design and construction process. For as long as drawings are required for use on site and contractual deliverables, project teams will divide their time into:

BIM modelling activities

  • Developing the geometry of design.
  • These activities is where the real “value-add” work takes place.

Drawing production activities

  • Extracting 2D views from the BIM model.
  • Converting the 2D views into drawings.
  • Ensuring title blocks are fully updated with all required metadata.
  • Uploading drawings to the project Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
  • These administrative activities are “non-vaule-add” but “need-to-be-done” activities and typically highly labour intensive.

The Problem

  • The unavoidable need to submit 2D drawings combined with the labour intensive nature of drawing production, means that the design team’s time is torn away from modelling work (value-add) and diluted with the administration of drawing production work (non-value-add).
  • With existing tools and methods, these administrative “non-vaule-add” activities account for approximately 20% of the design process (which equates to 1 day/week, 4 days/month, 2.5 months/year).
  • Therefore, this situation is hindering the success of BIM projects, and in many cases causing BIM projects to fail.

DAD solution

  • DAD is a BIM enabling tool that allows design teams to spend more time modelling and less time doing administration.
  • Our system is not a BIM system, it’s simply a platform that automates the work of: converting BIM models to 2D drawings, titleblock administration and uploading to the project EDMS.
  • Drawings produced with DAD can contain important information such as annotations, comments and annotations.
  • With DAD, design teams spend all their time on value-add work, giving BIM projects the best environment for success.
  • DAD is compatible with Revit, AutoCad and any software that can export .DWG files.